The apartments and villas of the future

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That our world is evolving at a dizzying pace towards technology and sustainability is unquestionable and even more so with recent events such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well, construction is not going to be less and the housing of the future seems to be an unknown, but no, below we tell you how the apartments and villas of the future are going to be.

What will the apartments and villas of the future look like?

The evolution of society and its needs causes many things to change, such as housing construction.

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The housing of the future is apparently going to change and focus on the following elements:


The first thing that will change in the houses of the future is the architecture, as it will move away from the current architecture and will be built with a more modernized aesthetic and the use of new materials.

Among the new materials that will be used in the future we can point out; intelligent cement, which will change color depending on the temperature to regulate the temperature; semi-transparent woods that will replace glass or pieces made with 3D printers, among others.

Modular and prefabricated housing will also be a trend, as they make housing construction cheaper. Moreover, this type of housing is gaining more and more followers and we can already see certain public people acquiring prefabricated or modular housing.

The new architecture will also seek to create ventilated facades and thermo-reflective insulation. All this will allow the temperature of the outside of the facade to be reduced by up to 70%, which is ideal especially in the summer months when the heat does not let you breathe even inside the house.

Finally, something very new that is intended to be used in the houses of the future is reversible architecture, which is composed of removable structures that allow changing the distribution of the house and its space without damaging the rest of the structure.

Intelligent housing

Undoubtedly, the protagonist of the homes of the future will be home automation. Technology is increasingly present in our lives, and in the homes of the future it will be no less.

The houses will operate with certain facilities that will be used with certain applications. This technology will make life much easier for society and will optimize the operation and maintenance of the home.

We will be able to use digital climate control, washing machines that dose the detergent according to the dirtiness of the clothes, functions that can be controlled from cell phones, electric blinds and curtains and Bluetooth technology integrated into things. Moreover, it is intended that the houses of the future will be able to measure our health parameters and tell us when we have a fever or if our diet is adequate.

In short, artificial intelligence, sustainability, green living will be the protagonists of the homes of the future.

Renewable energies

How many times have we heard about green and efficient homes? Well, these houses, which are currently in the minority, will become the majority. This is because renewable energies will be used for the operation of the houses.

The houses will have at least solar panels to produce solar energy, as well as facilities to produce wind energy. This will make the house more efficient and will not burden the owner with energy costs, something that is very necessary nowadays.

Multifamily residences

One thing the pandemic we have been through has taught us is to value our housing and our primary needs. It is essential to have an outdoor space in the house, at least a terrace to be able to go out and get some fresh air. A place to play sports is also important.

For all these reasons, the homes of the future are planned with large common spaces where leisure and sports facilities can be placed. These homes will also have large terraces and / or gardens to be able to be outdoors without leaving your home.

Likewise, multifamily residences, which are constructions in which several people live together, are becoming more and more important. For example, multifamily residences are created for young people who are starting to work because their needs, schedules and hobbies are the same and they are looking for similar housing. For this reason, these residences are created where everyone lives together in their own home but have shared facilities and services.

What do you think of the houses of the future? Nowadays, you can already enjoy houses with these characteristics. However, homes are gradually adapting to these new changes and improvements for our daily lives.


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