Keys to take advantage of your Terrace in Summer

Mar 17, 2023 | 0 comments

When we buy a house with a terrace, we always imagine how good it can be in summer, right? When the good weather arrives, you always want to be outdoors and enjoy it at any time, whether having a delicious breakfast or having a drink with your friends.

However, in some places, you can enjoy the terrace all year round. The perfect example is in Alcossebre, where we are developing different projects of new construction and where the terrace is paramount.You can see all the projects here!

In this article, in particular, we want to show some tips that can be useful to get the most out of the space of the terrace. Different recommendations with which to create a more pleasant place.

Making the Most of a Terrace in Several Ideas

Of course, these tips will not be valid for all cases, since terraces do not have the same dimensions, nor the same space distribution. We simply give you a series of ideas to create a comfortable and attractive space. Then, depending on your type of terrace, choose the ideas that best suit you.

Terrace Furniture

The best thing to be comfortable on the terrace is the furniture, of course. It has to be resistant furniture, as it deteriorates more easily outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be stylish – far from it! Keep in mind that the goal is to create a pleasant corner.

It is advisable to have specific outdoor cushions so that they are not only comfortable, but also resistant. Remember that you can adapt the type of cushion to the season you are in. For example, for summer, look for lighter and cooler cushion fabrics, such as cotton fabrics. If you are going to use the terrace in winter, look for cozier fabrics, such as wool.

Regarding the type of furniture to choose, everything will depend on the type of terrace you have. If it is very large, you can create a customized corner, simply by thinking about the number of people who may be in it on a regular basis. If, on the other hand, the terrace is narrow, it is advisable to use furniture that takes advantage of the corners, such as “L” shaped benches.


Although we often think of taking advantage of the terrace during the day, the reality is that being able to enjoy the terrace on summer evenings is a real pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the lighting to get the most out of the terrace.

You can think of different lighting systems to create the perfect ambiance on those nights. For example, there are small solar-powered LED strip lights that can provide dim lighting for the entire room. If you are looking for that relaxing tone, another option is to illuminate the space with candles.

Flowers and Plants on the Terrace

Plants and flowers add color to the terrace. They fill her with joy, in short. However, the type of plants you should have on the terrace will depend, to a large extent, on the space you have and the use you are going to give it.

If the terrace is large, you can opt for much more than small plants and flowers in pots. You can include larger plants and even create a small vegetable garden with aromatic plants to not only give color to the terrace, but to give it an aromatic touch and even get some culinary benefit.

If the space is smaller, the best option is to choose small pots and place them next to the balcony, in order to delimit the space.

The Floor of a Terrace

The floor of a terrace can also help us feel more at ease. Again, here it will depend on the size of the terrace and our needs.

For example, placing an artificial turf can be an excellent option if you have small children who are constantly with their toys on the floor, being also softer against possible falls if we are talking about very young children.

If what you are looking for is a stylish, pleasant place to have an aperitif or in the evening, a very interesting option could be to place a carpet, either cotton to give a lighter touch to the room, or for example jute, to give a cozier and more comforting touch.

In other cases, a more rustic touch is sought, as long as it fits in with the furniture. A good example is wood flooring.

With everything we’ve seen, we’re sure we’ve given you a number of ideas on how to make the most of your terrace. Now, the decision is yours.


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