Outdoor Sports Activities in Alcossebre

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Alcossebre is one of the most attractive towns in the Mediterranean, and not only because of the sun and the beach! Its environment makes it a perfect place for those who wish to practice outdoor sports activities.

In this aspect, its location is indeed privileged, since you can do outdoor sports at any time of the year. In fact, that is what we are going to check in this post, where we will see some of the outdoor sports activities you can do in Alcossebre.

Sports to practice in Alcossebre

From water sports to sports such as cycling, Alcossebre is a town where you can do absolutely everything.

Racquet Sports

The mild temperatures in this area in seasons such as autumn and even winter make it possible to practice, all year round, sports such as paddle tennis or tennis. There are sports clubs where you can take courses to improve your technique.

But it is not only possible to practice in sports clubs! In Alcossebre, you can enjoy racket sports in private urbanizations. A perfect example of this corresponds to the facilities of the new Le Blanc development.

Located between the promenade and the marina, this urbanization has a first class equipment. We are not only talking about the paddle tennis court, but also about its outdoor swimming pool, the heated pool or a gym, ideal for those who want to enjoy the best conditions of wellness and health throughout the year.

Water Sports

Obviously, the sea is one of the attractions of Alcossebre, but we are also facing one of the most privileged areas of the Spanish Mediterranean arc. Not surprisingly, the marine side of the Sierra de Irta reveals an idyllic place for all kinds of sports activities, while the beaches of the municipality -as well as its port- are perfectly equipped for sports for young and old.

Let’s start with the latter, from the bay of Alcossebre itself you can perform activities such as sailing or sailing, thanks to the light westerly winds and lebeche. For this same reason, you can perform activities such as kitesurfing. The calm waters of some of the beaches of Alcossebre also allow you to practice family sports such as kayaking.

The seabed, as we said, is a very precious asset in the Sierra de Irta. From Alcossebre, you can get started in scuba diving in the best possible way, discovering this beautiful coastline. In the same way, you can do activities for the whole family such as snorkeling in beautiful places like Cala Pebret.

Cycling and Hiking in the Sierra de Irta

The Sierra de Irta Natural Park is a perfect setting for sports activities in the middle of nature. Of course, cycling is one of them, whether for road or mountain biking.

In fact, the natural park itself establishes a series of approved routes to get to know this beautiful territory better. One of these routes is the Ruta del Cranc, on a route that passes through the Ribamar track. Joining Alcossebre and Peñíscila and passing through places like Pla de Pebret or Torre Badum.

On the other hand, the Ruta del Fardatxo also runs along the Ribamar track, although in this case it ascends to the Font d’en Canes and passes through the Mas del Senyor. Another interesting route is the one that goes from the Playa del Moro de Alcossebre to the Ermita de Santa Lucia, amazing!

Also, in the Sierra de Irta you have plenty of hiking trails to get into the natural park. One of the most interesting routes is the one that runs along the itinerary from the entrance of the natural park to the area of Clot de Maig, visiting places such as Torre Badum or Mas del Senyor. Other routes go through the surroundings of the Chivert Castle or the Hermitage of Santa Lucia.

As you can see, there are a multitude of sports activities to do in Alcossebre and its surroundings. If you decide to buy your second home here, you will certainly not be short of things to do.


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