Advantages of having your second home on the beach

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Are you thinking of having a second home on the beach? Buying a second home is a very important decision. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the use we are going to give it. This is due to the fact that in our summer vacations, as well as long weekends and holidays, we prefer to go to our second homes, either on the beach or in the mountains.

Nowadays, having a second home where you can disconnect from your routine and enjoy nature is a privilege. The needs that we may have in our second home have changed as a result of the pandemic, since we prioritize a large space where we can enjoy a swimming pool, playground, as well as other common areas.

During the summer season, we tend to go to the beach more often, as we like to enjoy the days of sun, sea and outdoor leisure. Tired of looking for apartments or hotels to rent? Don’t worry, in this post we are going to tell you the advantages of having a second home on the beach. Are you going to miss it?

Benefits of buying a second home

During this last year, many people have decided to move to their second home to enjoy the good temperatures at the beach. Either for telecommuting or for the need to have a larger space.

At Porta Mediterránea we have at your disposal new homes in Alcocéber, on the Costa del Azahar with all kinds of amenities so you can enjoy the advantages of your new second home. What are you waiting for? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to help you!

Owning a second home is an option you may be considering. Want to invest in your next home? Here are some aspects that you will have to take into account so that your home meets all the requirements.


The first thing we look at when we want to have a second home on the beach is the location. Also, depending on the city or town, we want to change places and look for something completely different from what we are used to. Thus, we usually look for a space to enjoy the weekends with a partner or friends. At the same time, you may want to make it your new home to be your permanent residence during the summer months.


Generally, the second home is located far from the city where we usually live. Thus, the rural environment and the sea become key points to disconnect from routine. Thanks to the second home you can afford the luxury of being able to escape from the noise and people, as well as the pollution and bustle of the cities.

If what you are looking for is to disconnect, be in contact with nature to do different outdoor activities and lead a healthy lifestyle, do not think twice. A second home in Alcossebre, for example, will have an impact on your well-being and health.

alcoceber housing advantages


You may think that a second home is a lot of money and it is true, but it is also a good investment, since you will be able to have a fixed place to spend the summer and enjoy it for a long time. In addition, if you are unable to attend for a period of time, you can rent it so that you can take advantage of it.

Indoor and outdoor area

Since the confinement, we give more importance to our living spaces. Having a terrace, garden and spacious indoor and outdoor areas are some of the main requirements when looking for a new home. In addition, this is also important when it comes to gatherings and enjoying days out with friends or family.


Lighting plays a fundamental role in housing. Having a natural light source is essential to make your home look more elegant and spacious, especially if you are going to work from home, since you will need to have your own space. Having a sense of brightness helps your emotional well-being.

Efficient housing

Nowadays, all new homes must meet minimum energy efficiency standards. This offers you guarantees of low consumption, as well as water and energy saving systems. This provides greater quality of life and comfort.

Do you already have it clear? If you are looking for a second home on the Costa del Azahar, we have the best new housing developments for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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